Discover Asia Together!
Learn Chinese Mandarin in China.

1. Cultural Exchange Program
You can take part in this program even if you don't have any English certificate/ teaching experience.
Term: Strarting from 3/ 6/ 9/ 12 months
Note: Asia, Africa, Middle East and Turkey are not project members yet

  • Age from 17 to 29 (the age can be properly relaxed if applicant's English is excellent)
  • Graduate from at least high/middle school, college education level is preferred
  • Fluent in English (Chinese level is not necessary)
  • Love children and enjoy getting along with children
  • Responsibility and patience
  • Teaching or taking care of children are preferred
  • Medical record
  • Non-criminal record from you police
  • Be interested in Chinese language and culture.

Duties in the family:

  • Living in the host family, Teaching the child English or other language and play with the child in English
  • Taking care of host child or children, play and accompany them as their big sister or brother
  • Chinese families have their own housekeepers, cookers, drivers, nannies and there is no need to do that - like in Europe, Germany or other countries.
  • The schedule is 25-30hours per week(or more but extra pocket will be paid)
  • Helping host family knowing west culture.
Benefits and what will volunteer get:

  • Free accommodation in host family with single room
  • Free meal - 3 times per day
  • Having at least 1500-2000 RMB per month as pocket money from host family
  • Having paid holiday every 3 months (2-3 extra days off if you apply for 6 or more months).
  • Chinese language classes for free - HSK Mandarin Course
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Visa extension assistance and fee
  • Airport/Train Pick up service
  • Assistance registering with local authorities
  • 24/7 Emergency call number
  • Participant will get the contract and apartment's photos in advance
  • Assigned personal coordinator
  • Welcome package (Map/Metro card/SIM card)
  • Arrival Orientation
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Flight reimbursement after successful completion of the project:
3 months - Return ticket (some families can provide Round tickets)
6 months - Round tickets
9 months - Round tickets + 1500 RMB bonus
12 months - Round Trip tickets + 2000 RMB bonus

Note: Post-Soviet countries, Latin America can apply from 6 months with one-way ticket, 12 months – round tickets + 1500 RMB bonus. If for 3 months – only 2200 RMB as return flight subsidy.

Activities: We will provide various activities for our participants, such as traveling, climbing, swimming, BBQ beach party, Chinese painting, calligraphy, paper-cut, picking fruits in the farm and etc. All of these activities are free for our participants.

2. Teaching English in Language centers,
Kindergartens, Schools as a job

Term of the job: 12 months
Note: Asia, Africa, Middle East and Turkey are not project members yet
Applying Requirements:
  • Native English speaker or Non-native
  • Good English (at least level B2)
  • Bachelor degree / majored in English teacher is preferred
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate or 2 years of Teaching experience
  • Be from 19 to 40 years old
  • Native speakers with Bachelor degree and certificates
  • Non-natives with Bachelor degree and 2 years of work experience after graduation
  • Can apply only if your English is fluent without or little accent
  • Responsibility and patience
  • Free single apartment or house allowance
  • Salary:
    - Native English speaker - from 17.000RMB- 28.000 RMB.
    - Non-natives: from 14.000 RMB– 17.000 RMB
    Salary depends on the interview, qualifications, accent and experience.
  • Work Z visa is provided
  • Annual Bonus and fixed teaching hours
  • Flight reimbursement: Ticket from China to your homeland is always covered.
  • Teacher will get the contract and apartment's photos in advance
  • Paid holidays
  • Airport/Train Pick up service and Sim-card
  • Personal coordinator
  • Different cities in China.
3. Teaching English and Cultural Exchange
project in Vietnam
Term: 6/12 months
Requirements to apply:
Age: 20-36 years old
• Native speaker or fluent in English with little accent
• Active, positive and full of energy
• Must have Bachelor degree in any field
Non-criminal record
• Be interested in Asian culture
• Be willing to relocate to Vietnam and teach English to the local children and adults
• Have a TEFL certificate/ or willing to acquire one (online) within 3 months if offered a job(preferred)
• All counties can apply except Asian.

Benefits and conditions:
Location: The schools are in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Thai Binh, Da Nang, Hai Phong and etc.
• Accommodation is covered
• Health insurance
Work Visa permit
• Trainings
• Airport/Train Pick up
• Assistance registering with local authorities
• 24/7 emergency call number
• Participant will get the contract in advance
• Assigned personal coordinator
• Arrival Orientation
• 80-100 teaching hours per month
Salary: 1000$-1100$ and depends on the school and your interview. Some schools can provide 1500$-2500$.
• We will also provide 500$ after 12 months contract as annual bonus or for back ticket.

We can also offer:

• Free local language classes
• Back pack tours
• Opportunities to work with young local talents for volunteering campaigns to save children and nature

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Study Chinese language?
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Get involved
Recieve the Full information with the Application form or download it on our web-site.
Project selection
Choose your favorite country & project.
1. Teaching English in Chinese Families
2. Teaching English job for qualified teachers
3. Teaching English in Vietnam
4. Teaching English in Thailand
Application process
Fill the application form and send your short video-introduction in English.
*Video-introduction is the most important part of the selection process.
Pass the interview with our coordinator from China, Thailand, Vietnam.
Get accepted by Asian side
If you are accepted and liked all conditions, you will sign a contract with your future family/language center/kindergarten and prepare documents for visa.
Fly to China
We'll send the visa invitation letter to your country and help with all details.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  1. All details and conditions should be fixed by contract in advance for all 2 projects before participant's arrival.
  2. City depends on where family/kindergarten/language center are located. We have opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian and etc.
  3. Firstly, we should have an interview with you, then we'll recommend you to our families/ kindergartens/ language centers and if they like you, you will have another interview with them and discuss all important details.
  4. If both sides are satisfied, we will sign an agreement with both sides and start the visa process.
  5. After your successful acceptance we will send you a visa invitation letter as soon as possible and help you to get visa.
  6. If you have any preferences concerning city, salary or other things, you can mention in the application form about that.

Notice: If you really like Asian culture, want to travel, study language and discover a new world, you can apply for our 1st project in families.

Contact us:
Do you want to Travel, get new Emotions, meet new people, explore Asian culture and study Chinese language?
European-chinese center is a Youth support center.
We have different volunteering and job opportunities in Asia, such us China, Vietnam, Thailand and etc. We have Chinese language classes, scholarships and even Aupair in China.

How our participants teach English in China.
A short video of our English teacher in Chinese kindergarten.
An example of video-introdcution for European-chinese center.
Video-introduction samples for our new participants.
E-mail box for applications:
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